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To our farmers, 

When we purchased Harry Hansen Meat Service in 2009, we did so with the understanding that there was a need to help local farmers by providing local processing services. We are proud to say that we continue to keep this ideal in the forefront of our business as we make difficult decisions regarding our operation. Fortunately, with this mindset, we did not cancel any appointments in 2020 on any of our 140 farmers; which is something that cannot be said for other processors. 

We can all agree that in the past few years between other processors no longer doing custom processing to a greater demand for locally raised meat, custom processing appointments have been harder and harder to find. Here at Hansen's, we have seen not only new farmers looking for appointments but also farmers who previously raised livestock raising a greater number of them.  

As we move into 2021, we are continuing our 6 month rotation of appointment making. Therefore, we took the first half of 2021 appointments in July 2020, and we will take the second half of 2021 appointments on January 4, 2021. 

Something that we would like to make everyone aware of before January 4th is that we will essentially only be booking appointments for September through December. We reserve appointments for the local county fairs (Racine, Kenosha, and Waukesha) to utilize every year and will continue to support their efforts in 2021. 

We understand everyone's frustration and uncertainty as we begin to book these appointments. Please note, the changes, limitations, and updates we have had to make do not come easily. We base our processing appointment capacity on a number of factors. In particular, we look at the number of employees we have, the size of our processing floor, and the capacity of our coolers and freezers. We also will be trying to service as many farmers as possible. Please keep this in mind as you make appointments - being fair to your neighbors, friends, and family who also may need appointments just like yourself. 

With that being said, we will be limiting the number of spots for livestock being custom processed through Hansen's. 

In 2021, we are also implementing new policy in regards to livestock brought to our facility. Keep these in mind as you choose dates for processing: 

  1. Beef cattle must weigh over 900 lbs live. We will NOT harvest any cattle smaller than this. 

  2. Cutting pigs must weigh less than 325 lbs live. Roasting pigs must weigh less than 275 lbs live. We will NOT harvest any pigs that are larger than this.

  3. Farmers must be able to attest to the fact that livestock they are bringing to the facility are products of their work and effort. For example, if you are listed as the farmer of a beef, you need to be the one responsible for raising this animal. 

On January 4th, we will begin taking appointments at 8 am. We will be taking appointments via phone and in person. We will switch between taking the phone and in-person appointments. We only have two phone lines and suspect they will be tied up. If you cannot get through, unfortunately it is because we are helping others on the lines. We also expect there will be a waiting line in-person outside for appointments as there was in July. Please be courteous of each other and our regular retail customers who are not there for appointments.  

While we wish we could help everyone, we understand that this is simply not possible. We are sorry in advance for individuals who do not receive appointments or do not receive as many appointments as they hoped. We hope you can explore other avenues of selling your livestock, such as sending them to market. 

Please keep in mind being kind will go much further than being rude. We do not want to hear from people "you need to add on" or comments on how you think we should our business. Neither comments are appreciated as we are doing the best we can. 


Harry Hansen Meat Service