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Raising sheep requires farmers to be humane, safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Once an animal arrives at Harry Hansen's, it is our duty to maintain the same level of care. 

Lamb must be purchased directly from a farmer, who has a processing appointment. Lamb can be processed as a half or whole. All custom lamb is harvested at Hansen's facilities. Meat is then cut to your specifications. We double wrap the meat in freezer paper so the it lasts in your freezer. 


Farmers will make appointments to bring sheep to us to harvest for their customers. Farmers are responsible for all communication to the customer regarding the animal itself, including the price, size, order date, etc. Hansen's is responsible for contacting the customer to make sure the animal is processed to the customer's specific wants/needs and when meat is ready for pickup. 

Once an animal is delivered, the farmer will provide Hansen's with customers' names and phone numbers. Customers may either call Hansen's to got through cutting instructions, or Hansen's will call the customer for cuttings (depending on whichever occurs first). If you have free time, please feel free to call as soon as possible. This makes it easier for us to talk to you when you have time. 


Half and Whole Lambs from Farmers


Hansen's will go through your cutting instruction for your lamb. Not sure about how to get it cut? No worries! Hansen's employees will walk you through them and answer any questions you may have. 

Before going through the instructions, feel free to check out the following information sheet regarding how a beef can be cut.


A lamb carcass hangs for around 4 days. Hansen's employees will cut the lamb using your specific custom-cutting instructions. All cuts are double-wrapped in freezer paper. 

We can give you an estimated time frame of when your order will be ready, but please know this may change based on many variables. We will call you as soon as your order is ready. Please pick up your order within 10 days of receiving this phone call. If it is not picked up within 17 days of your first phone call, we will begin charging a weekly storage fee of $20. If it is not picked up within 38 days of your first call, we will donate the beef to a local food bank. 

When you pick up your order, you will need some sort of containers to put the meat in. We will bring it out on a cart and unload it in to the containers in the vehicle. We suggest the following number of laundry basket-sized containers for your order: half - 1-2, whole - 2-3. 


When purchasing lamb directly from a farmer, our pricing includes the processing. You will need to pay the farmer directly for the lamb. Please note, the total cost will vary depending on the size of the animal. Additional fees may apply if you want specialty items made. Please ask for pricing on these items when you place your order. 

Half Lamb

Slaughter Fee: $27.5

Processing: $1.10/Dressed Weight Lb. 

Whole Lamb

Slaughter: $55

Processing: $1.10/Dressed Weight Lb.

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