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Harry Hansen Meat Service makes a number of specialty products in-house. All sausages are made with our personal seasoning recipes, and all smoked products are cooked on site in one of our two smoke houses. 

Specialty products can be ordered online via our online ordering form. We will prepare the order to your specifications and call you when it is ready for pickup. Specialty products can also be purchased directly in-store. We will cut the meat to your specifications. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 262-835-9510.

Looking to order online and pickup in store?
Click here to go to our online ordering form! 
[Harry Hansen's does not ship raw meat. We can ship our specialty products, seasonings, and cheese. Please order these items under the ship order tab.]


With a variety of snack meats, you are sure to find your favorite the next time you are at Hansen's!


Rick and Julie's daughter and son-in-law raise chickens on their farm, and the eggs are brought directly to the storefront daily. They raise around 60 birds of varying breeds. Chickens are cage-free and grain-fed. 

Eggs range from brown to blue to green and come in different sizes. 


Check out the various pork retail cuts we carry! 

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Say "Cheese!"

We may be biased but Wisconsin cheese is the best cheese. Check out our wide selection of cheeses available.

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