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Roasting pigs are a specialty item perfect for your next celebration. 

We do not offer roasting services; however, we have everything to make your pig roast a success. You can order a roasting pig directly through Hansen's, and we will source the pig from a farmer and process it at our facility. 

We also rent out roasters. They are available from May through November. 

  • I butchered an animal myself. Can I bring meat back to you to have it smoked?
    We cannot mix uninspected meat (items someone brings to us) with inspected meat (items that are monitored at our facility). Therefore, we will not smoke meat that is not handled directly in our facility from start to finish.
  • If I order a custom processed beef or pig through you, can I lock in the current price?
    Unfortunately, we cannot lock in the price for custom processed beef or pork. Our prices vary based on the market price. When the live cattle/hog price increases, we need to accommodate that increase in our pricing. Because we do have a wait list for beef and pork, we do not necessarily know what that increase/decrease will be until we purchase the animal from the farmer. Please note, while we cannot lock in a price, we do keep the prices fair.


Answers to frequently asked questions

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