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We are currently NOT accepting wild game (as of March 9, 2021). We will resume accepting wild game once we process the wild game that has already been brought in.

Wild game can be made in to a variety of options ranging from summer sausage to landjaegers!

Harry Hansen Meat Service only accepts boneless wild game (goose, duck, venison, bear, pheasant, etc.) for processing. A minimum of 10 lbs of wild game (not including the pork and beef) is needed per sausage processing choice. If you would want a sausage batch with only your wild game, there is a minimum of 15 lbs. We will not do a personal batch with less than 15 lbs due to the capacity of our equipment.

Wild game can be brought during Hansen’s regular business hours. It must be brought in non-returnable container(s) or bag(s). It can be brought frozen or fresh (note: it goes into our freezer when it arrives). Hansen’s will not accept any meat brought in a pot/bowl/container that they have to move the meat to a bag from.

Processing typically takes 3-4 weeks; however, it may be longer depending on how much wild game is brought in by all customers.

Pricing is based on the raw weight of the total meat. The total meat includes the wild game and pork or beef. Raw weight is typically higher than the final product weight, especially when the product is cooked (i.e. sticks, landjaegers, summer sausage).

Click here to view our latest pricing chart!

Wild game must be picked up within 10 days of being finished processing. You will receive a phone call as soon as the meat is done. At 10 days, you will receive another phone call. You have 7 days from the second phone call to pick up. If you surpass the one week, you will start incurring a storage charge of $20/week. If the meat is not picked up within 5 weeks of the original call, it will be donated to a local food pantry. By bringing your wild game to Harry Hansen Meat Service, you accept the above terms and conditions.

If you have any questions, please call the office during regular business hours at 262-835-9510.

Thank you for your cooperation and business! And good luck during your hunting season!


Venison Brats.jpg

Made with Beef

For every 10 lbs. of wild game, 4 lbs. of beef is added.

BBQ Restructured Jerky


Rick's Snack Sticks (Mild/Medium/Hot)

Rick's Snack Sticks with Cheese (Mild/Medium/Hot)
Summer Sausage (1.5 lb./3 lb.)

Summer Sausage with Cheese (1.5 lb./3 lb.)

Season Bulk.jpg

Made with Pork

For every 10 lbs. of wild game, 7 lbs. of pork is added.

Breakfast Sausage - 1 lb. bulk package

Brat Links

Ring Bologna

Ring Bologna with Cheese

Italian Sausage Links

Smoked Polish Sausage Links

Smoked Polish Sausage Links with Cheese

Summer Sausage (1.5 lb./3 lb.)

Summer Sausage with Cheese (1.5 lb./3 lb.)