Stop in to Harry Hansen's Meat Service to purchase a variety of products from our retail counter. At the retail counter, you will find: 

  • A wide selection of high-quality fresh and frozen meats

  • Sausages and smoked meats all made in-house with our own secret recipes (some dating back to when Harry opened in 1955)

  • Fresh Wisconsin cheeses

  • A variety of seasoning choices to add "a little something" to your meal

  • Farm fresh eggs


Scroll down to learn more about the variety of products we offer! 

Retail cuts can be ordered online via our online ordering form. We will prepare the order to your specifications and call you when it is ready for pickup. Cuts can also be purchased directly in-store. We will cut the meat to your specifications. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 262-835-9510.

Note: Our butcher saws are cleaned at 4 pm every day. If you plan to come after 4 pm and would like a retail cut with a bone, please call to place your order ahead of time. 


Purchase Your Favorite Products at Our Retail Counter


Our retail beef cuts are sourced from farmers in the Midwest. Harry Hansen's does not harvest the livestock directly; however, we ensure all livestock are humanely and sustainably raised and harvested. 

Beef is pasture-raised and grain-fed, and all cuts are graded "Choice" or "Prime". Beef contains no hormones, preservatives, or antibiotics.


What does that mean for you? You are getting a superior product that will taste great!


Our retail pork cuts are sourced from farmers in the Midwest. Harry Hansen's does not harvest the livestock directly; however, we ensure all livestock is humanely and sustainably raised and harvested. 

Pork is grain-fed and has no hormones, preservatives, or antibioitics. 


Ready for a great pork chop? Give ours a try!


No one does cheese better than Wisconsin cheese makers! 

We receive fresh deliveries weekly from two different Wisconsin cheese producers - Shullsburg Creamery and Vern's Cheese.

We are happy to work with both companies to provide you the best cheese around!


Our retail chicken cuts are brought in fresh from a processor in the Midwest.

We freeze our chicken as soon as we receive it in order to maintain its quality and freshness. 

Looking for chicken eggs? We also have those! Farm fresh eggs are sourced from a farm right down the road in Franksville, WI. 


Harry Hansen's is proud to produce specialty products in-house for you and your family to enjoy!

People's favorite? The verdict's still out...


You'll have to try them all to find the best!

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