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Roasting pigs are a specialty item perfect for your next celebration. 

We do not offer roasting services; however, we have everything to make your pig roast a success. You can order a roasting pig directly through Hansen's, and we will source the pig from a farmer and process it at our facility. 

We also rent out roasters. They are available from May through November. 


Perfect for any occassion


Roasting pigs are available year-round. Roasting pigs are sourced from local farms and are sold on the dressed weight. They vary in size from 60 - 200 lbs. The price varies based on the weight. Call Hansen's for pricing.

If you are interested in getting a roasting pig, you must order the pig one week in advance of the pickup date. You can order a pig by calling Hansen's at 262-835-9510.


Looking to roast your own pig? Harry Hansen's has 2 pig roasters available from May through November. If you are interested in renting a roaster, please call Hansen's at 262-835-9510.

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