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Dear community member, 

Harry Hansen Meat Service is dedicated to helping our community in a variety of ways and are happy to provide donations to non-profit groups and organizations. Unfortunately, our funds are limited, therefore, instead of giving large sums to a small number of groups, we spread our funds events between all groups that request donations by providing a $30 gift certificate to requesting groups. 

If you are interested in a gift certificate donation, please fill out the following form. The following guidelines must be followed by requesting groups: 

  • Donation request must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the donation is needed.

  • Requesting group/organization must be within the surrounding area of Harry Hansen Meat Service (i.e. Racine, Kenosha, Walworth, Milwaukee, or Waukesha counties).

  • Donation must go to a not for profit group or organization and provide support for projects, fundraiser, and charitable events. 

Harry Hansen Meat Service reserves the right to refuse a donation to a group or organization that they deem unfit for a donation. 

Thank you! 

Your friends at Hansen's


Support for community groups

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