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What do the numbers on your meat package mean?

When you purchase a custom processed beef or pork, you will more than likely notice a series of numbers on each package. These numbers are specific to your order and help us know that you in fact are taking home meat from your animal.

Read on to learn what each number means!

Beef Chuck Roast Package

Any custom processed meat that moves through our facility is labelled with a "lot number". This lot number is specific to a person's order and helps us identify the order through the facility.

First Three Numbers: The Job ID

Each order that moves through our facility receives a job ID number. Job ID's range from 100-999. Job ID numbers are assigned in the office when cuttings are processed.

Last Five Numbers: The Date

We use the Day-of-Year Numbering System. This system ignores months and instead, numbers each day of the year consecutively. The first three numbers are the day of the year, ranging from 1-365 (or 366), and the last two numbers are the year.

Number Color: Species

We use two different ink colors for packaging. Red numbers are on beef cuts, and blue numbers differentiate pork cuts.

Reading your Package

Custom Processed Beef Package with Numbers 27104022

To read your package, first look at the first three numbers. This is the job ID number. The package above is number 271 (underlined in red).

Then, look at the remaining five numbers. This indicates the day it was packaged. The package above was wrapped on the 40th day of 2022, or February 9, 2022 (underlined in blue).

Finally, look at the color of the numbers. They are red, which means this meat cut is beef.

Knowing our label system is a great way to keep track of your packages in the freezer!

Ready to order a custom cut beef or pork order?

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